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Palmistry Ascendant Reading

You may not have heard of Palmistry Ascendant Reading before as normally astrology and palmistry are not linked together. Palmistry is the study of the palm of the hand. The whole hand is taken into account in Palmistry. The shape of the hand and fingers are important to make an accurate prediction. The lines on a person’s hands have a story to tell.

The Ascendant is also significant to astrology. The principles of Palmistry Ascendant are based on the impact of the ascendant or on a particular individual and its relevance is revealed in a person’s hand or palm. Get your reading today. It’s fun to do and it’s free of charge. It’s also online and private. How awesome is that?

Find Out What's Your Palmistry Ascendant is

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Palmistry Reading: Attributes

Palmistry is associated with astrology and the mounts of different planets like the mount of Mercury and the mount of Jupiter which influences the respective planets. Being made aware of your ascendant attributes can be helpful to your love life, career and health. Mounts are similar to the various planets in astrology.

The lines which are horizontal on your mercury finger are called pointers of your ascendant position. Also, the lines on the little finger reveal the signs and attributes of a person. It describes the bad and good aspects of your personality and nature.

By getting a Palmistry Ascendant Reading, you will know just how your career, money, home, relationships and health are affected by your ascendant influence. Not only that, but you will have a better understanding of yourself as a person with physical abilities. Once you become familiar with your ascendant attributes, you will be better capable of handling some of life’s troubling situations.

Get your Palmistry ascendant Reading today. Just enter in your name and choose your line to be read. Within a few seconds, you should be able to view your report which is generated to provide you with a simple and easy read analysis. Enjoy your reading!


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