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Planet Chakra

The idea of the Planet Chakra is founded on the connection of the chakras to the planets. There are seven of these chakras. The chakras have some kind of influence over the mind and the healthiness of each individual. Accordingly, we all have a predominant chakra that has significant power.

Now, this particular chakra has the most effect on the different aspects of our daily activities and overall, on our life. Studies have shown that in Chakra Astrology it has been discovered that there is some similarity in the astrology planets and that of the chakra. This is a very interesting concept. With the Planet Chakra reading, you will find more information that will give insight into this idea.

Find Out What's Your Planet Chakra is

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The analysis will show you how the astrology planets actually work with the chakra in order that you may change things for the better. Each one of us has seven chakras and those chakras correspond to different planets. The first one links with Saturn while the second one is connected to Pluto.

The Sun and Mars correspond with the third chakra and Venus to the fourth chakra. Planets Jupiter and Mercury are associated with the fifth and sixth chakra and lastly, the sixth and seventh chakras relate to Neptune and Uranus respectively.

You should find out which planets are you associated with and which chakra so that you will know what physical or mental challenges should be dealt with or know more about someone’s personality. Just enter your name and date of birth and you should be provided with many details of this concept.

The Planet Chakra analysis is free to use as many times as you’d like. You can tell your friends about it so that they may take advantage of this extremely valuable device. It doesn’t take very long and you will find that the report is very easy to read and to understand. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your read!


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