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Playing Card Astrology

Playing Card Astrology or Cartomancy is similar to other card readings as it uses your birthday to make predictions, to describe a personality and to get a better understanding of yourself. The cards and their suites are associated with the various attributes that a person may have.

Playing Card Astrology has been around for a long time... actually since the 18th century and is still relevant in the astrological principles of today. Some do use it to get in touch with the “unworldly” and to have a little insight on what's to come.

Find Out What's Your Playing Card Astrology is

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Playing Card: Significance

Playing cards have more than just one use. It's not just for playing games. It is known to be wonderfully accurate and considered to be a most serious method of fortune-telling. It can be somewhat difficult as it is detailed. It talks about the past, the present and the future. Each of the cards has some link to a particular date of birth therefore it stands on its own as not having a dual personality.

A typical deck has 52 cards in it. Therefore, each one has a link to each week during the course of a year. Red cards are primarily regarded as female or feminine energy and the black cards correspond to the male or masculine energy. The court cards or the kings, queens and jacks are representative of the 12 months of the year. The master playing card is known as the Birth Card.

Now, each of the suits denotes a particular season and their astrological elements. The diamonds are linked to the earth and to the fall season. The spades are symbolized as being air and winter. The hearts belong to spring and to the water while the remaining suit of clubs relates to the summer and to fire.

Now that you know more about Playing Card Astrology, would you like to get a reading? The reading is free of charge and is not complicated at all. All you would need to do is enter the requested information in the appropriate spaces and click on the box to submit your entry. That's it. Now, give it just a few minutes.

The system automatically redirects you to view your reading. You should have a comprehensive report to share with your friends or family.


The Lilith or the Black Moon denotes the side of you that is dark. Your mentality, nature, or character traits are described in the Black Moon analysis. All of your negative traits or blemishes are likely to be revealed in this reading.

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Japanese Astrology is a personality evaluation based on a person’s blood type! This technique of discovering character traits is very common and has been practiced in Japan for centuries now.

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What's significant about Numerology Divination is that your lucky number is told to you. It is like a lucky rabbit's foot or your lucky socks – it is something you will never forget. Numerology is a favorite divination tool among a lot of people. It dates back to an earlier time in history.

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It seems to be a mystery as the actual meaning of the Mayan Astrology signs seems to be vague. The symbols are based on Mayan culture and are used to make predictions. However, when it comes to the signs, you may get a few different associations.

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What is similar between astrology and the tarot card readings is that both divinations use symbols to interpret the different meanings to get you the answers you need.

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The Life Path Period Number discloses much about a person's life or his or her personality during different phases or periods of it.

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