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There are two kinds of touch healing therapy. One is reflexology and the other is Shiatsu Self-massage. Reflexology is the belief that we are capable of self-healing. It prompts the body by using pressure massage at exact points in the feet. There is a fixed relationship between the reflex points and our body.

Shiatsu is a term that refers to finger pressure. Shiatsu Self-Massage uses the same concept as acupuncture but uses finger pressure. These forms of therapies are tremendously easy to and extremely worthwhile for everyone. If you want to learn self-healing methods, you should know all you can about Reflexology and Shiatsu Self-massage. Alternative medicine has grown tremendously over the years and is continuing to be a popular choice over mind-altering and addictive prescription drugs.Invalid Token. Please authorize yourself by sending Valid API Token

Learn More About Reflexology

Reflexology, or acupressure, is done to tap into a life force called the “prana.” This is how the body heals itself but Reflexology helps to heal the complete person and not just part. With experience, it has proven that by applying pressure on specific points to the body internal organs can even be restored as different areas of the body like your elbow or surprisingly, the thumb.

In Reflexology, it is vital to know the different pressure points all over our bodies that are associated with its ailments. Whenever the body malfunctions, it affects the circulatory system and nerve endings which over time become tender and very painful. Applying pressure massage or acupressure breaks down these deposits and prevents malfunctioning. More so, Reflexology also provides relaxation to conquer the effects of our stress and anxiety.

Find out how Reflexology can help you! You may begin by taking this free exam but you don’t have to leave your home or your chair. Just enter your name and which method you’d prefer and give it a few seconds to generate your free online personal report. It’s just that simple. Don’t be shy… share this with your friends and family. I’m sure they will find this analysis most informative as well.


Japanese Astrology Compatibility is an appraisal of one’s personality and features based on a person’s blood type! The Japanese Astrology Compatibility analysis is a blood type based test used to measure the level of compatibility of people.

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Chaldean Numerology is different from the rest of the reports. It’s a significant numerology system that discovers the different powers that work within an individual’s life.

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Cartomancy is a prediction tool that you can use with a simple deck of playing cards. The decks of simple playing cards were used long before some of the more popular tarot decks to forecast the future. They were used to get in touch with the other side of the spiritual world.

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If done right, reading moles can tell you a lot about a person…their character, and their personality. More so, it also can predict what kind of future this person would likely have.

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Though the healing effects of music on the mind have been admitted and appreciated, it is quite surprising that many people could not fathom the concept of music therapy even a few years ago. However,

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The Descendent symbolizes the kinds of associations you have with people meaning what tickles your fancy or what gets your heart to beating fast... it describes your passions.

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