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Runic I Ching

So you have heard of I Ching before but how about Runic I Ching? Runic I Ching links runic divination with the principles of I Ching, a form of occult divination. The Runic I Ching analysis provides the user with a complete description of your star signs individualities, rune stone make-up, and the I Ching hexagram features.

Are you wondering now what are rune stones? Well, they are one-inch squares of light stones. Way back like during the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of Northern Europe, the Scandinavians and the people of the British Isles practiced using certain alphabetic scripts which we now know as Runes. The Runic I Ching uses 24 of theses.

Find Out What's Your Runic Iching is

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On one side of the stone, you will find the name of a particular runic letter and an inscription. All we know is where it started but not the time frame. However, it has remained continuous throughout the years as a form of divination. It is almost as common as the tarot deck of cards.

Now I Ching stands for change. Additionally, it gives you the information you will need to appreciate the relationship amongst opposites or what is commonly known as Yin and Yang. Yin relates to what is contracting in form and to what is changeable or open.

Yang represents what is extensive, creative and dynamic. Additionally, it pertains to what is unbroken while Yin is just the opposite, of course. One needs to have a balance of these two to have a harmonious relationship or relationships.

Finally, you have the I Ching hexagram. It mainly consists of the Judgment which tells us about the hexagram and what it means. Also, it provides suggestions as to what needs to take place for change. Then there is the Image. It gives us the course of action that is perhaps best for us.

Put all of this together and you have Runic I Ching. It’s completely free to use as many times as you like. The Runic I Ching analysis is certainly gratifying and easy to use as well as easy to understand.


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