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Runic Tarot

We are still unsure about where the tarot came from. Some believe it was China, others say it was India or Egypt. Fact is, the world may never know for sure but it has certainly become one of the most widely used sources when it comes to seeking answers from the mystical world.

It is believed that the tarot cards hold some kind of power in which to foretell the future and give insight into the past and present situations. This has been going on for a long time now… since ancient history.

Find Out What's Your Runic Tarot is

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During earlier times in Northern Europe, some of the Scandinavians and the British Isles utilized certain alphabetic scripts which we call runes. The rune stones are described as being twenty-four one inch squares of light stone that has the form and name of an individual runic letter etched in ink on one side of it.

The Runic Tarot is another astrology principle that places the sun sign, zodiac sign, or star sign to specific tarot cards. This will generate your identifiable sun sign and the dominant planet. It finds the matching rune stone from the Futhark. The Futhark is then associated with a tarot card.

When you get your reading or analysis, you should then be able to get a better understanding of the effect that a particular rune stone has on your physical or mental well-being and the characteristics of this rune stone and its assigned tarot card. The “Fool” is said to be one of the cards that hold a lot of power in a twenty-one trump deck of tarot cards.

Get your Runic Tarot reading done today. It should be able to help you along your way to a more positive journey. The goal of a Runic Tarot analysis is to give you clarity, a simple answer to help solve any issues you may be concerned with and on the stars. This analysis is free of charge. Just enter the requested information and you should receive your online results in the blink of an eye. Enjoy your reading!


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