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Sedna Astrology

Sedna Astrology's name came from Inuit mythology. Sedna was tricked into marrying a wicked man. Her father rescued her from this fate but only he had to leave her. She was dying and he would have to if he hadn't left.

With this in mind, Sedna represents hard times and sacrifices. The asteroid Sedna describes a person's journey through this world. It explores the characteristics of an individual born on a particular date.

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The placement of Sedna in your birth chart along with the Sun and the Moon signs gives you the opportunity to understand an individual's inner workings. It's not your common astrology method but it is very effective in understanding what influences your temperament and perhaps, your values.

Another name for this asteroid is called the Goddess of the Sea. With this reading, one will come to know why we tend to stand and fight rather than walk away sometimes. Mostly, we come out on top as a winner. Having this understanding makes us more sympathetic to others and their problems.

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