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Tattva Healing

Tattva Healing is a method that is developed to help anyone find his or her inner self and to attain goals that may have been difficult otherwise. Tattva or Tattwa or Tatva is a Sanskrit word that means certainty or authenticity. It mainly represents the five elements that make up the universe.

In Tattva Healing, there are a number of Sub-Tattvas. The number may change according to the school and its philosophy. Some use 25 Tattvas while the others work within the magic number 36. The manifestation of the astral energies of the Tattva Cards can result in success and peace of mind.

Find Out What's Your Tattvas is

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When a person meditates on the Panch Tattvas or the Akasha (spirit), Apas (jal, water), Prithivi (earth), Tejas (agni, fire), he or she will likely encounter and potentially comprehend one of the greatest and effective ways of self-empowerment and development.

As a bonus, you will find that you are more relaxed and more able to focus using the Tattva Healing approach. Not only that but you will be more aggressive in getting the things you want now that you know how to go about it.

Tattva Healing is kind of like meditation but offers a power boost. Its Vision session is created so that you can reach self-actualization which is necessary if you are going to accomplish anything beyond an average lifestyle. You can try this reading for free.

Just enter the answer to a couple of questions and you’re on your way to a new and improved you! The results are fast, accurate and to the point. You shouldn’t be bothered with a lot of mumbo jumbos or with scientific words that are too hard to understand. I invite you to try the Tattvas Meditation today. This is a free online program that is a valuable analysis to have when it comes to self-improvement.


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