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Tibetan Astrology

In Tibet, astrology is thought to be one of the five old-fashioned sciences. You see, Tibetan Astrology has been around for thousands of years and is based on several other traditions such as Buddhism, Indian and Chinese religions. In fact, Tibetan Astrology is separated into two parts.

The Naktsi and the Kartsi are allocated according to region. Naktsi astrology is founded on Chinese astrology but Kartsi Astrology was taken with Indian or Western astrology.

Find Out What's Your Tibetan Astrology is

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Naturally, the combination of Western and Chinese Astrology uses twelve Sun Signs. In that, Tibetan Astrology is similar to the twelve zodiac signs in Western Astrology but the Tibetan Animal Signs are similar to the Chinese zodiac signs. In the beginning, Tibetan astrologists who had specific powers counseled people on relationships and business.

They even foretold the weather and gave advice when it came to harvesting. This made them and astrology a valuable guide. Some of us may not know that astrology has religious connotations but it has been strongly suggested that it is true. Tibetan Astrology was so important that doctors would use it to help decide when to administer certain medications.

With the Tibetan Astrology reading, you will also get a detailed online interpretation of the Tibetan Animal Sign, Tibetan Sun Sign, and your characteristics based on your date of birth. The Tibetan signs are as follows: Bhumi, Bhumpa, Chusin, Dhig, Kata, Khrig, Lug, Läng, Senge, Sang, Shü, and Nya.

Which Animal sign are you? Does Bhumpa describe your temperament? Is your loved one somewhat of a Shu? Find out with the Tibetan Astrology reading and analysis. It’s free to use. Use it again, and it’s still free. The report comes to you in an easy to read format and is usually fun to read.

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