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Incredible and remarkable astrology related calculators are available here online. These absolutely free analyzers help you look at you life from a wider perspective. Be it meditation with Hanuman Chalisa or attaining beneficial results with Rudraksh beads, you get to know a lot about the different aspects of your life. Know more about the inheritance of eye color and blood type from your parents. Get a free Australian animal totem reading or if you are fond of horses, know more about its horoscope personality traits based on its sun sign. And last but not the least; know the different phases of the moon everyday and the effects of lunar astrology on your feelings and emotions.


What are Rudraksha beads? Become your own Rudraksh expert by knowing more about the healing benefits of Rudraksha. These natural seeds are usually used as prayer beads for meditation. These beads are

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Australian Animal Totem

Australian Astrology Animal Totem is an animal totem program that can be used on a day-to-day period. This will guide you to find solutions for your problems and help you attain your goals.

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Eye Color Inheritance

The Eye Color Inheritance analysis is for the child. When we are born, we may appear to have a certain eye color but as we get older, the color seems to change or to darken.

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Hanuman Chalisa

If you have insulted anyone, on purpose or not knowing, you should use the Hanuman Chalisa oracle. If you want to remove the fear of snakes, or remove sibling rivalry within your home or find a better job, you should get this reading.

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Horse Horoscope

Animals such as horses have character and personalities all of their own. The Horse Horoscope describes its potential and natural abilities. With the analysis, you will better know your horse and how your stallion feels.

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Moon Phase

Moon phases are determined by the position of the earth with regard to the sun and to the moon. Normally, it takes 27 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes for the moon to revolve around the earth. Did you know that? It passes through its various phases on different days.

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